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Custom Professional Packages Starting at $1399

From a short Q & A to a richly edited full biography, we produce custom packages professionally filmed and edited with sensitive attention to the needs of you and your loved one.

About The Packages:

√ Each has an equivalent version for couples – inquire with us!

√ We provide a list of questions that we will personalize together with you

√ A pre-interview meeting is held with the storyteller to help them prepare for the on-camera interview

√ Video interviews are conducted in the comfort of your home or location of your choosing

√ Videos are beautifully lit, using professional 4K video cameras and wireless microphones to make your storyteller       look and sound fabulous!

√ Videos are expertly edited using the latest professional editing software 

√ Moving music to enhance the story is placed throughout

Do it yourself? We can help! Inquire about our advisory package.

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√ 15 Questions

√ About three weeks to complete

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√ 30 Questions

√ About four to six weeks to complete

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√ Focuses on significant periods and         experiences of storyteller’s life

√ 20-25 minutes, extensively edited

√ Extra media (photos, slides, home        movies and more) and additional          footage shot and edited in

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√ Full biography of storyteller’s life

√ 35-45 minutes, extensively edited 

√ Lots of extra media (photos/slides,      home movies, historical photos and    much more) and additional footage      shot and edited in

Your life story project does not fit into a set package? No problem! Tell us your ideas, and together we’ll create a plan and budget designed to meet your goals.

Bring Joy To Your Family For Generations To Come

Create a family gift that will only become more valuable over time.